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    Its been 2 years and half
    Monday, 13 November 2017 • Permalink • Add comment {1}

    Assalamualaikum and hai everyone !! :) wow, yaa its been 2 years and half since the last time I ever blogging... and fuh hikma dah habis my sem5 which is the last sem before practical in Diploma Fashion Design. yeayy finally ! So this is the first post in 2 years xD

    Now... I currently waiting for my practical sem which is will start on 27/11 at Shah Alam. Macam-macam nak buat since tgh tunggu praktikal lagi lagi buat tempahan baju and designs in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for pocket money (lols typical student life!) . So if anyone nak tempahan bisnes card ke pamphlet ke or anything, just try to contact me by facebook or instagram :)

    Okey, kalau nak cerita pasal life masa belajar 2 tahun setengah mmg takkan ada habisnya haha. Obviously, banyak benda manis pahit yang tak boleh hikma lupa . I was struggled a lot. I meant A LOT! money problems, that absolutely a-must and assignments yang tak pernah ada ending ! OMG, studying fashion would be a nightmare for you i swear xD but seriously, banyak benda hikma belajar dari tak pernah sentuh mesin jahit sampai dah bleh fikir nak buat pola itu ini sampai rasa nak pecah kepala hahaha. ITS TRUE THO!
    With the girls:)

    First of all, I never wanted to studied far away from my family then I got at Pasir Gudang which is jauh gila tak tipu and I was so depressed. But with my family supports and of course my boyfriend, Ashraf hehe, I just follow je. I tried my hard to the best and yes, be the best.... So I ended up, got AKJ (Anugerah Ketua Jabatan, pointer 3.5 and above) every sems :) I mmg nak buat yang terbaik sampai satu tahap I mmg jadi yang perfectionist, everything that I do kena perfect and cantik. Bila tak cantik, I akan depressed teruk yaa its bad guys.

    My final sem collections

    Siapa je taknak jadi terbaik. But I always will learn from the mistakes :) I kept improved myself everyday and I won award for VISCOM SHOW (a show for final students to get award) , BEST STUDENT IN DIPLOMA FASHION DESIGN ! I never expected it ! Alhamdulillah sgt sgt , its all for my family yang banyak bagi sokongan and cari duit kdg2 satu hari boleh habis RM800+ !!! GOD YES FASHION MMG BANYAK GUNA DUIT !

    With my classmates and final project lectures :)

    The moment nama kena announced as BEST STUDENT

    Banyak lagi experience I dapat, macam I masuk Polyskill which is Pertandingan Menjahit peringkat politeknik even masuk peringkat Kebangsaan MySkill (but I didn't make it to the final). Program Bahtera di Johor Bahru , baru baru ni and baju I diperagakan on BIG STAGE ! Omaigod, mmg teruja gilaa (even tak menang Im so happy!) and tak lama lepas tu we participated in MASFA 2017 (Malaysia Songket Award which you can search it at google.com )

    Program Bahtera

    Omg, first mmg azab guys.... lepas je seminggu habis buat baju final and viscomshow, bahtera apa semua terus menjahit lagi !! and this time 2 weeks+ bangun pagi terus pergi poli , jahit sampai subuh mcm tu baru balik sbb mmg dah last minit. The struggles is hard dgn mcm mcm masalah and guess what ? WE WON!!! OMG WE NEVER EXPECTED THAT AT ALL ! Ni serious weh, sbb many participants for womens wear layak menang tapi we got it, Alhamdulillah. Menangis gila gila guys sumpahh! Semua penat lelah semua mcm berbayar ! And we will go to MILAN next year !!! OMG !! tak sabar gila wehhh

    Masa selected in TOP20 :)

    Lol you even can see my face xD

    Study in Fashion taught me a lot :) Manis pahit kita simpan buat jadi pengajaran for be better person one day and of course, SUCCESSFUL WOMAN! Thanks to my families, friends and Ashraf for being there for me when I got depressed and always supporting me :'( Couldn't asked for more...

    And tak lupa, mohon maaf sgt hikma before this ada buat contest yang kecil tapi I tak boleh nak komitmen . Im really sorry guys, and I will be better next time :) Thanks for all the wishes, I really appreciated it! So itu je utk post kali ni :) Bye, Assalamualaikum!

    "you're a survivor, its written all over your body"